56 people infected with Coronavirus in Mumbai Old-age Home

New Delhi, 20/4 (AO Bureau)There is no significant decrease in the cases of Coronavirus In Maharashtra in Maharashtra. In view of the management and control of corona infection, 58,924 new cases of coronavirus infection were reported in Maharashtra on Monday amid restrictions in the state, while 351 people died due to infection. It is now reported that 56 people have been found corona positive in an old age home in Navi Mumbai. According to the information received, a total of 61 people live in this old age home, of which 56 people are corona positive. The condition of 14 out of 56 coronaviruses infected is said to be critical.

On Monday, the state had the highest number of 68,631 cases. The state health department gave this information. In case of infection in the state has increased to 38,98,262, while the death toll has increased to 60,824. There are 6,76,520 under-trial cases in the state.

According to the statement issued by the department, 52,412 people were discharged from hospitals during the day, so far, the number of people getting infection-free in the state has increased to 31,59,240. Maximum of 7,381 new cases were reported in Mumbai, 5,086 in Nagpur, and 4,616 in Pune. In Mumbai, the number of infection cases has increased to 5,86,867, while the death toll has increased to 12,412.

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