These amount of people tested Corona positive after taking vaccine

New Delhi, 21/4 (AO Bureau)Giving information about the latest situation on the cases of coronavirus infection, the Union Health Ministry said on Wednesday that 146 districts of the country are a matter of concern for the government. The positivity rate in these districts is more than 15 percent. The ministry said that the outbreak of the second wave of Corona is in all the states of the country. The active cases that are present are two times the number of active cases of last year. Out of 740 districts, 146 districts have more than a 15 percent positivity rate and this is a matter of concern. Apart from this, 5 to 15 percent of the 274 districts have a positivity rate, 308 districts have a positivity rate of less than 5 percent. According to PTI, the central government has said that 0.04 percent of people found to be corona positive after the second vaccination of covaxine, while the number of people found positive after the second dose of covicshield is 0.03 percent.

Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Rajesh Bhushan said that Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Kerala are among the most affected states. Special focus is on these states and the central government is working together with the state. Rajesh Bhushan said that there are 21 lakh 57 thousand active cases in the country, these are in all the states amid the second wave. Death due to corona infection is 1.17 percent, recovery rate is 85 percent.

He said, “We are facing the second big wave. The first wave was seen last year, when the highest number of 94 thousand cases came. The state and central government are working together. Efforts are made to come out of it, like the first wave Bhushan said that there is a ray of hope that the death rate is coming down. There are 5 states where there are more than 1 lakh cases.


The Health Secretary said that there are 6 lakh 85 thousand cases in Maharashtra, 2 lakh 23 thousand cases in UP, these are the states with which the central government is trying to provide beds and oxygen in hospitals. Looking at Maharashtra, average cases increased from the first week of March. Average cases have increased rapidly in UP. Average death rates have also increased. In Karnataka, we saw 450 cases in the first week of March.

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