Center to restrict Industrial Oxygen supply amid COVID-19 crisis

New Delhi, 22/4 (AO Bureau)Amid reports of shortage of medical oxygen across the country in the Second Wave Of Corona, the Home Ministry has said that the supply of industrial oxygen will be discontinued until further orders. Although some special categories have been exempted. Apart from this, it has been said that there should be no hindrance in the movement of oxygen medical oxygen. The order issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs has said that there should not be any obstruction in the inter-state movement of medical oxygen.

In the letter written by the Home Secretary, it has been said that instructions should be given to the departments concerned for uninterrupted inter-state movement of medical oxygen in advance. There should be no restriction on any oxygen manufacturer or supplier that they can give oxygen only to the state where the plant is present.

Oxygen supply vehicles move uninterrupted within cities
It has been said in the letter that vehicles with medical oxygen within the cities should be allowed to run without any time restriction.
Supreme Court asked for National Plan

Amidst growing cases of Corona virus in the country, the Supreme Court took automatic cognizance of the current status of Kovid-19. After the hearing, the court sent a notice to the central government. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta told the Supreme Court today that the country is in dire need of oxygen. The Supreme Court took automatic cognizance of the issue of oxygen supply and essential medicines. CJI SA Bobde said that the court will hear the matter tomorrow

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