Farmer Protest: Rakesh Tikait warns the government

New Delhi, 23/4 (AO Bureau):BKU farmer leader Rakesh Tikait arrived at the Ramayana toll plaza in Haryana to address the farmers on Thursday. He said that by imposing a curfew, the government wants to end the agitation of the farmers, but farmers have understood the tricks of the government and the farmers will not end the dharna till the demands are met. Tikait said that the government has been talking about clean Delhi for the last four days, but if the government tries to tease the farmers, the answer will be received within an hour.

Please tell that Rakesh Tikait had reached the Ramayana toll plaza to meet the farmers sitting at home. During this, he encouraged the farmers and said that the government is adopting all the tricks to crush the biggest movement of the farmers. He said that the farmers are completely united and understand the tricks of the government. He said that the government wants to end the education of children by closing schools. Speaking about the farmers of Haryana, he said that the farmers of Haryana are ready for cooperation at all times. Whenever the country has needed to fight for the farmers, the farmers of Haryana have been ahead.

After this, Rakesh Tikait reached the house of leader Prem Malik in Hansi and also interacted with journalists here. Tikait said that if the government wants farmers to apply corona, then they should get vaccinated, who will have to get vaccinated.

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