No victory procession on May 2: Election Commission

New Delhi, 27/4 (AO Bureau);The Election Commission of India has made an important announcement regarding the counting of four states – Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Puducherry, a union territory. The Election Commission said that after the results on May 2, there will be no victory procession. Sources quoting an order said that this decision has been taken to prevent the spread of corona virus infection. Sources in the Election Commission said that a detailed order is being issued in this regard.
Significantly, this decision was taken by the Election Commission after a serious comment made by the Madras High Court. On Monday, the High Court strongly criticized the Election Commission, terming it alone as ‘responsible’ for the second wave of Covid-19 in the country and termed it as the ‘most irresponsible institution’. The court had made a sharp remark that a case could also be registered against the Election Commission officials on murder charges. The court had said that the Election Commission gave an opportunity to the epidemic to spread by allowing political parties to hold rallies and meetings.

Let us tell you that in the three states Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam and Union Territory of Puducherry recently assembly elections have been held, whereas in West Bengal, there is 1 phase of voting. The counting of elections in these states will be held on May 2.
Election Commission took steps to be vigilant to protect Covid-19: sources
On the other hand, in view of being held ‘alone’ for the second wave of Kovid-19, Election Commission sources said on Monday that the Commission has decided to ensure rescue from Kovid-19 first during elections in Bihar and then in four states and one Union Territory. For meticulous steps.


Sources said that it is the responsibility of the State Disaster Management Authority to ensure the implementation of the Disaster Management Act to deal with Covid-19, but the Commission has given its constitutional rights to ban campaigning in West Bengal for the purpose of protecting people from infection. Applied to. An official said that the commission’s ability to successfully conduct Bihar assembly elections in November 2020 was widely appreciated. Seven crore 30 voters had voted in 1,06,000 polling stations in this election.

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