SC won’t be a silent spectator

new Delhi, 27/4(Ao Bureau):

The Supreme Court on Tuesday held a hearing on the issue of lack of oxygen and other issues related to the management of the corona epidemic (COVID-19 Pandemic). During this time, the court sought answers from the central government on some issues including vaccine prices, availability of vaccines, oxygen. The three-judge bench said that it would hear the case on Friday, 30 April at 12 noon. The central government said that it can reply on all issues by Friday.

Hearing on Tuesday the National Plan to deal with the Corona crisis, Justice DY Chandrachud said that ‘when we feel that we should intervene to save people’s lives, then we will do so.’ During the hearing, Justice S Ravindra Chand asked the Center, ‘What is your national plan (Covid-19 National Plan) to deal with the crisis? Is vaccination the main option to deal with it? ‘

The Supreme Court said, ‘This court cannot remain a mute spectator at a time of national crisis. Our aim is to play our role with the help of the High Courts. High courts also have an important role. During the hearing, Justice Chandrachud said, ‘The purpose of these hearings is not to suppress the High Court or interfere in their work. He has a better understanding of what is happening within his territorial boundaries.


If the High Court has any difficulty, then we will help- Justice Chandrachud
Justice Chandrachud said that on some national issues, the Supreme Court needs to intervene. Apart from this, the Supreme Court cannot be a mute spectator during a national crisis. Justice Chandrachud said that if the High Court has any difficulty in dealing with an issue due to regional boundaries, then we will help.

On the other hand, Justice Ravindra Bhat raised the issue of the cost of the vaccine. Justice Bhat asked that ‘different manufacturers are coming with different prices. What is the central government doing about it? The judge said that the Drug Controller Act has powers under Section 6 of the Patent Act. This is epidemic and national crisis. Is this not the time to use such powers? When will this time come? ‘

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