Sonu Sood helps a person while going to airport

Mumbai, 28/4 (AO bureau):Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has become a long list of stories of generosity. Sonu is a good actor as well as a good person. Recently he was spotted at Mumbai Airport. Where he showed humanity again with the help of a man. On seeing Sonu, a man started asking for help, Sonu listened to his problems well and promised to help.

Actually, a video is being seen on Sonu Sood’s fan page. It is showing in this video that a person comes to Sonu and talks to him about Remedesivir injection. On which Sonu asks them to give their address and phone number. On this video, fans are constantly giving feedback, praising them. One user commented and wrote, ‘Prabhu will always be with you in every one of your noble deeds, you are great sir’. Apart from this, many people are requesting to come with them.

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