Delhi Oxygen Crisis: 8 dead including doctors at Batra hospital

New Delhi, 1/5 (AO Bureau):The condition is continuously worsening due to corona infection in the capital. Especially due to lack of oxygen and medicines in hospitals, patients are breathing. During the hearing of this case in Delhi High Court today, it was told by Batra Hospital that the oxygen crisis in the hospital has deepened, due to which 8 patients lost their lives. It also includes a doctor from the hospital. During the hearing in the High Court, the court asked the Delhi government many questions during the hearing on the matter of availability of oxygen, medicine and beds. The High Court asked the Delhi government – why in this time of crisis, avoids the help of the army?

During the hearing of the case in the Delhi High Court, Amicus Curie Rao said that it is beyond my understanding why the Delhi government is reluctant to take help of Army, Navy and Airforce in this hour of crisis. Certainly, our army can provide other better options for providing oxygen. In such a situation, instead of saying that without oxygen beds, it should be considered to go to the aid of the military forces.

The Delhi government’s counsel replied that we have already approached DRDO and Radha Swamy. On this, the court asked if the motive of your saying that you will not approach the army. The Delhi government lawyer said that we will take help from everyone who can help. The court said that the army will have its own resources. We have been asking you for this for three days, why are you hesitating. When the Delhi government said that it is being considered at a higher level, the court said that what is the matter in it, you approach it directly.

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