MK Stalin magic leads DMK in Tamil Nadu

Chennai, 2/5 (AO Bureau):The counting of votes continues in Tamil Nadu. So the election results are kind of clear. In the state, MK Stalin’s magic has led the DMK in the election. Out of a total of 236 seats, the DMK is leading in 136 seats. The DMK is ahead of the majority by 119 seats. The main rival, AIADMK, is leading in 42 seats. However, the results show that the formation of a DMK government in Tamil Nadu is certain. Although the final results have not been announced, DMK supporters have not yet celebrated the victory in Tamil Nadu.

According to exit polls, the DMK will get 165 seats. According to India Today, the DMK will win 145 to 165 seats. If the DMK wins a majority, the DMK will be able to form a government in 10 years. Public Chief Minister Adapadi K.S. The results show that Palaniswami has rejected the leadership and has once again embraced the DMK.

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