Kangana Ranaut Permanently Removed From Twitter

Mumbai, 4/5 (AO Bureau):Kangana Ranaut is very active on social media. She has been giving her opinion on the issues of the country and abroad. Recently, after his opinion about ‘Oxygen’, he also gave his opinion on Bengal Assembly Elections 2021. Once Mamta Banerjee’s party won in West Bengal, Kangana made several tweets. In his post, he has made serious allegations against TMC, voicing his opinion against Bengal violence, shortly after which Kangana’s Twitter account was suspended permanently (Kangana Ranaut Twitter account).

Kangana Ranaut is often seen in support of BJP and PM on social media. Kangana was tweeting at TMC on the violence in West Bengal. Some time ago, in his first tweet, he wrote – ‘I was wrong, she is not Ravan. He was the best king, made the best country in the world, was a great administrator, was a scholar and was a harpist and king of his subjects, he is a blood-thirsty demon ‘Tadka’. Those who voted for him, your hands are also covered with blood. ” # BengalViolence

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