Coronavirus Third Wave Inevitable: Indian government

New Delhi, 5/5 (AO Bureau):Principal Scientific Advisor to PM of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Vijayaraghavan has said that a third wave of corona may also come. He says that given the manner in which the virus has just spread, it can be said that a third wave will definitely come. For that, we have to prepare for now. Vijayaraghavan has also denied that the new variants of Corona are more contagious. He has said that the new variants are also contagious like the original variants. They do not have a new kind of infection potential.

K.K. Vijayaraghavan had said that the peak of the second wave of Corona may come by the end of this month. He had said that as of now there is no such variant of virus on which vaccines are not effective. He has said about the dreaded condition of corona infection that it has happened due to many reasons, not one.

Vijayaraghavan said – a very large number of cases are coming up in reality, which is a matter of serious concern. But if peak and fall is taken care of, then it takes about 12 weeks. And this time has to be seen in the context of states and districts. It will take a little more time to reduce the cases as a whole, but we will see the cases getting less in the last month or early next month. Meanwhile, looking at the new strains, we have to pay attention to every aspect of healthcare, whether it is a case of distancing, analysis of strains or a large number of vaccinations. That is, the focus should be on what we can do, not on what will happen.

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