Complete lockdown imposed in Madhya Pradesh

MP, 6/5 (AO Bureau)Corona curfew has been extended till Saturday 15 May in Madhya Pradesh. Due to the weekend curfew already being implemented in the state, its duration will be till 6 am on May 17. Shivraj Singh Chauhan  announced this today. In his virtual address, he expressed satisfaction at the decrease in the positivity rate of corona patients in the state. Also said that the crisis is still not averted. Corona can be dealt with the cooperation of all.

CM Shivraj in his virtual address said that the positive rate of corona patients in the state is continuously falling. The rate of recovery is increasing. The positivity rate which had reached 25% has now come down to 18%.

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CM Shivraj said when the situation moves towards improvement, all this is happening with your cooperation. There is still a long way to go. Hence, there will be a corona curfew till 15 May. Now the infection is also spreading in the village. In districts where the number of positive cases is high and if the infection of the village is not stopped, then the situation will become terrible. Even if you have some laxity, you will be caught in a big crisis. Shivraj said that if there is an infection in the village, if it is not stopped there, a terrible situation will arise tomorrow.
What is the rationale for such a marriage?

Shivraj Singh said, what is the rationale of Corona getting married in this terrible crisis. Is it okay to marry such a person who puts his and his own life in jeopardy? He appealed to the people of the state that by 15 May your cooperation is needed. I will also join and congratulate you in the marriages that will take place.


He said that in the villages where there is a positive case, the wages of MNREGA should be stopped by May 15. Where there is no positive case, MNREGA can run. If you want to protect others, positive people will have to remain separate. Dozens of hospitals are treating Kovid. There have been complaints of taking more money in many places. I warn those who are trying to rob, we will not leave the vulture that robs humans. Those who are trying to loot in times of crisis will not leave them. If someone does something wrong, the government cannot sit.

CM Shivraj Singh said that the government has a contract with many hospitals. The government gives them money. Patients do not spend money. I will arrange free treatment for common man. The money that will be used by the government will be filled with its treasury. We will work on a war footing to deal with Corona. The free treatment scheme for the poor will be implemented from tomorrow. We will give packages under Ayushman Bharat scheme. The plan may take 2 -3 days to set up. Treatment of the poor will be given free, CT scan free, ambulance free.

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