Coronavirus vaccine will be given in 300 schools in Delhi

New Delhi, 8/5 (Ao Bureau)Corona vaccine can now be givenin 300 schools in the capital. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced this today. He said that 1 lakh people are being vaccinated daily in Delhi, which needs to be increased rapidly. He said that till now 40 lakh people have been vaccinated.


Chief Minister Kejriwal said that the population of Delhi is about 2 crore. Roughly 1 crore people are between 18 and 45 years old, 50 lakh people are below 18 and the same number are above 50 years. This means that Delhi needs 3 crore doses of vaccine for these people. Of these, 40 lakh people have been vaccinated so far. This means that at present Delhi needs 2 crore 60 lakh more vaccines. CM said that right now 1 lakh people are getting vaccinated every day. The biggest hurdle is the availability of the vaccine. If we get enough vaccine, then the target of vaccination can be achieved in three months.


He said that 80 lakh vaccines per month or 3 lakh vaccines can be planted daily, but for this, it is necessary that Delhi gets adequate amount of vaccine. He said that the Principal Scientific Advisor of the Government of India has also warned that a third wave of Corona may come anytime. In such a situation, we can avoid the second or third wave of corona only by vaccination. CM Kejriwal said that in view of this situation, he appeals to the central government to help in providing vaccine in the same way as has been helped so that the target of corona vaccination in Delhi can be achieved.

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