Congress President election on June 23

New Delhi, 10/5 (AO Bureau):In the meeting of the Congress Working Committee convened to review the performance of the Congress in the elections of five states, Congress President Sonia Gandhi said that the party will have to review the results. Along with this, he indicated to conduct the election for the post of president. It is being told that on 23 June, the country’s oldest party can get a permanent president.

Explain that an interim election has been announced in the Congress. Voting will be held on June 23 for the post of Congress President. In the meeting of the Congress Working Committee, Organization General Secretary KC Venugopal has announced the date of the election. In the CWC meeting, Sonia Gandhi said, ‘We have got a tremendous shock in these elections. The election results have been worse than disappointing. Sonia Gandhi talked about forming a small group to review every aspect of a defeat, which will give its report soon.
Sonia Gandhi said in the meeting that the Modi government has failed to control the corona. In such a delicate time, he once again reiterated the demand to call an all-party meeting. Describing Corona as an unforeseen health crisis, Sonia Gandhi asked the party workers to come forward to help people in every possible way.

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