Delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal writes to PM Modi to share Vaccine formula with other companies

New Delhi, 11/5 (AO Bureau):

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, saying that to increase the production of vaccine in the country, the ‘formula’ of two companies producing anti-vaccine Covid-19 should be shared with other companies. Kejriwal said that there is a shortage of vaccines in the country and there is a need to increase vaccine production at war level. A policy to vaccinate everyone should be formulated in the next few months.

In the letter, CM Kejriwal said, “The second wave of corona is proving to be very deadly. This time the disease has reached every village. A large number of people are also dying. So it is necessary that as soon as possible Soon all the citizens of the country should be given vaccine doses. Right now, two companies are producing vaccines in India. It will not be possible to give vaccines to the entire country on the basis of two companies. ”

Kejriwal further said in the letter, “For this, the vaccine will have to be produced on a war footing. Therefore, in the interest of the country, I request you to allow public production of Corona vaccine. Not only two, every company in the country should produce the vaccine which has the capability of safe production. ”

The CM of Delhi further said, “The Central Government takes the formula of vaccine from these two companies and give the formula to all such companies, which can produce them safely and accurately. Even if the companies producing these two companies can give royalty. The government can end the monopoly of the production of the Koran vaccine by using the country’s patent law. This will enable us to give the entire country a protective shield before the third wave of Corona and save innocent people from death. “We are ready to play the role that will be decided to complete the work in the interest of the country.”

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