Shocking:Women misbehaved in COVID hospital in Bihar

Bihar, 11/5 (AO Bureau):Corona is wreaking havoc in the entire country including Bihar, but in the midst of the havoc of Corona, the arbitrariness of hospitals in the name of health services (Bihar Health System) continues in Bihar. Whether it is government or private, the situation of everyone is bad. One such case has come up from Bhagalpur and Patna in Bihar, where a woman living by Madhubani has been accused of indecency and molestation in the course of her husband’s treatment. Due to the maladministration of the hospital, her husband lost her life, while the woman alleges that she was also molested in the hospital.

The victim’s name is Ruchi Raushan, whose husband died of corona. Roshan Chandra Das, a resident of Madhubani, had gone to his relative Bhagalpur to celebrate Holi with his wife. At the same time, her husband succumbed to Corona and was admitted to Glocal Hospital in Bhagalpur for treatment, where he struggled daily with the system. Even according to Ruchi Roshan, he was molested several times by the hospital staff.

When Roshan Chandra’s condition worsened, his wife came with him to Rajeshwar Hospital in Patna, but lost his life during treatment. His wife alleges that her husband was also treated badly in Rajeshwar Hospital. He lost his life due to carelessness from the doctor to the compounder there. He has also made serious allegations of molesting the employees there and playing with the lives of the patients along with disgrace.

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