Center formulates a plan for vaccination drive in states

New Delhi, 12/5 (Ao Bureau): Vaccination in India is on the rise amid the second wave of Coronavirus In India. Anti-covid vaccination is going on in the country since 16 January. However, many states have claimed that they do not have vaccines. Now the central government has shared the formula of vaccine sharing in the states before the Supreme Court. It states that the states will be given only 2 crore doses for people aged 18-44 in May. According to the center, 85 million doses of the vaccine may be produced in May.


The Center has said that it has fixed the quota for dosages given to the states. States need to buy it directly from the vaccine manufacturer. Last week, the Center has filed its reply in the Supreme Court. It states that states are buying vaccines directly from vaccine manufacturers. The central government has set a quota for the age group of 18-44 based on the population of the state, after consulting the vaccine manufacturers. The state can only buy fixed quantity doses so that there is a disparity in the availability of vaccines.

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