Complete Lockdown imposed in West Bengal for 15 days

Kolkatta, 15/5 (AO Bureau):In West Bengal (West Bengal), a lockdown of 15 days is going to take place from Sunday ie 16th May. The lockdown, scheduled to be held from May 16 to 30, was announced by the state’s chief secretary Alapan Bandopadhyay on Saturday. The special thing is that there is already a period of restrictions in the state. After the recently concluded assembly elections, Bengal had recorded an increase in cases of corona virus infection. In such a situation, there was a speculation of strict restrictions from then on.

The restrictions of the lockdown imposed by the government will continue from 6 am on May 16 to 6 pm on May 16. During this time, school colleges and all educational institutions in the state will remain closed. Apart from emergency services, it has been decided to keep all government and private institutions closed. For 15 days, the government has banned all political, administrative, religious and all types of social programs.

Shops and markets are scheduled to open

During the lockdown in Bengal, shops and markets are allowed to open from 7 am to 10 am in the morning. The government has also banned transportation completely. According to the information, all inter state buses, local rail metro and ferry services will be closed. Apart from these, movement of trucks and all types of vehicles will be banned. The government has also exempted emergency services here.
50 people get married

All industries and factories will remain closed during lockdown. Tea plantations have been allowed to operate with 50 per cent capacity of the employees. At the same time, jute mills will work with only 30 percent of the workforce. Night curfew will also continue in the state from 9 am to 5 am. The government has allowed only 50 people to attend the wedding. During this time, the gym, spa, shopping mall and theaters will be completely closed.

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