Delhi government announces free ration to poor people

New Delhi, 18/5 (AO Bureau): On Corona, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made four big announcements in a press conference on Tuesday. He said that the common man is being killed from all sides in Corona. People’s jobs are over. There are many people who are having trouble eating. Many people who earn their homes died. There is no earner left. There are many elderly people whose earning children went away.

How can we overcome the problems of the people. In such a situation, we are going to make four announcements today.

1. 72 lakh people have ration cards, which the government gives ration. If you give 5 kilos of ration, then you take a lot of money, this month is being given free. 10 kg free ration will be given, in which 5 kg ration center is giving. Delhi government is going to give ration to those who do not have ration cards. Ration will be given to those who are poor. It will be implemented in two to four days. Ration will be given to those who say I am poor.

2. Those who have lost their lives due to corona, they will get compensation of 50 thousand.
3. There are many families whose earning person has died here. Apart from Rs 50 thousand, they will be given a pension of Rs 2500.

4. Children whose two parents died or whose mother and father had died earlier and one of them died due to corona. Each such child will be given up to Rs 2500 for 25 years. Their education will also be given free of cost.

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