Odisha Government declares Black Fungus an epidemic

Bhubaneswar, 20/5 (AO Bureau); The state government of Odisha  has declared the Black Fungus an epidemic. A formal notice has been issued. The advisory was issued to all states after the Black Fungus was declared an epidemic by the Center today. The decision was taken by the Center after a number of cases were reported in the state. Day by day it is as deadly as corona, while it has been found to be detected in the body as it heals from covid. Patients taking steroids in diabetes and cough are infected with black fungus, while on the other hand, a joint effort by the eye, nerve, and dental team is required. This is especially true after recovery from cough.

What are the main symptoms?

Improper vision, chest pain, difficulty breathing, redness of eyes and nose, etc. are the  symptoms of Black Fungus.

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