Vaccine shortage for youth in Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi, 22/5 (AO Bureau): Vaccination centers for youth in Delhi are being closed from Saturday. CM Arvid Kejriwal said that we are sad that these centers have to be closed for the youth. We have asked for more vaccine from the center. In May, Delhi has been given 16 lakh vaccines, while in June Delhi’s quota has been reduced to 8 lakhs. If 8 lakh per month vaccine is given, then it will take 30 months to give the vaccine to the whole of Delhi. Until then, do not know how many corona waves will come. How many will be lost. So far, about 50 lakh dose vaccine has been installed in Delhi.

CM Kejriwal said that due to lack of vaccine, very difficult conditions have arisen in the country. The vaccine is the only way to save people’s lives from corona. Four suggestions have been made to the central government to increase the availability of vaccines in the country. The Indian biotech company has agreed to reveal its formula. The central government should order all those companies within 24 hours to produce the vaccine in India on a war footing.

Allow use of foreign vaccine

Kejriwal said that the central government should allow all foreign vaccines to use the vaccine in India within 24 hours. The Government of India should talk to these foreign companies and the government there. It is left to the states. Is it a good thing that states should talk separately from other countries. The Government of India should talk to these companies directly and get the vaccine and then make the vaccine available to the states. There are some countries, who are sitting by storing vaccines more than necessary

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