After white and black fungus , Yellow fungus cases creating havoc

New Delhi, 24/5 (AO Bureau)Following the Black Fungus and White Fungus, now Yellow Fungus has also given entry amidst the growing infection of Corona in the country. The first case of yellow fungus has been seen in Ghaziabad. Yellow fungus is said to be more dangerous than black and white fungus found in patients so far. Let me tell you that the patient of Ghaziabad, where yellow fungus has been found, is 34 years old and has been infected with corona. Along with this, he is also suffering from diabetes.

Yellow fungus is more dangerous than black and white fungus and is one of the deadly diseases. Yellow fungus weakens the body first. The patient suffering from yellow fungus complains of feeling lethargic, less hungry or even complete hunger. As the effect of fungus increases, the weight of the patient starts decreasing rapidly and it becomes quite fatal. If someone has a wound during this time, pus starts to leak from it and the wound heals very slowly. During this time, the patient’s eyes get sunk and many organs stop working.

If a patient has been feeling lethargic for a long time, feels less hungry or does not feel like eating at all, then it should not be ignored. In such a situation, you should immediately go to the doctor. Its only cure is amphoteracin b injection. Which is a broad spectrum antifungal.

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