Sputnik-V production started in India

New Delhi, 24/5 (AO Bureau):In India, the Corona Vaccination Drive (Covid Vaccination Drive) is going to get more edge. The country’s largest vaccine and pharmaceutical company Panacea Biotec has tied up with the Russian Direct Investment Fund-RDIF. Now, Panacea Biotak will produce 100 million vaccine doses every year. A consignment of the vaccine prepared by the company has also reached Russia. Its quality will be checked there.

The RDIF statement states that Panacea Biotech meets international standards in vaccine manufacturing. In India, the Russian vaccine was allowed to use Emergency on April 12. With the introduction of vaccination of 18+ people from May 1, the third vaccine was also introduced in India along with Covishield and COVAXIN However, vaccination from Sputnik was started only on 14 May.

RDIF CEO Kirill Dmitriev said, “Production in India with Panacea Biotech is a major step in the fight against Corona. With the production from Spoonic, India will help to leave behind this bad phase of Corona. Apart from this, by exporting the vaccine, other countries of the world will also be helped in the fight against Corona.

91.6% afficacy rate
In the last February, Sputnik V showed strong resistance in the third phase trial. The results showed an 91.6% afficacy rate. RDIF then stated that India is a major partner in vaccine production and distribution.

Russia was the first to declare the vaccine

In August 2020, Russia announced the creation of the world’s first corona vaccine. However, experts had also expressed concern about the trial results. In India too, the third phase trial of this vaccine was allowed in the middle of January.

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