Mehul Choksi was tortured claims his lawyer

New Delhi, 28/5(Ao Bureau):Fugitive diamond trader Mehul Choksi, arrested in Dominica, has resorted to law to escape. According to media reports, Choksi’s legal team has filed a Habeas Corpus petition in Dominica. Under this, the person arrested has to appear before the judge or court. Choksi’s lawyer has accused him of torture.


Choksi’s legal team has moved the court in Dominica. According to news agency ANI, this has been confirmed by Choksi’s lawyer Vijay Agarwal. In the petition, the diamond businessman’s lawyer has alleged that there were ‘marks of torture’ on his body. It has also been said that Choksi has been ‘forcefully raised’ against his will from Antiga and Barbuda.


According to the ANI, Choksey’s lawyer in Dominica, Wayne Marsh, stated that the fugitive diamond trader had the right to get a legal representative and not to do so was a human rights violation. Marsh said in a conversation with ANI, ‘… first thing, Choksi has the right to legal representation. Whether it is in Antiga or Dominica. The fact that he is a citizen of Antiga, not of India

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