Lockdown relaxation in Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow ,29/9 (Ao Bureau): Seeing the decreasing cases of corona infection, the Uttar Pradesh government is preparing to relax the weekend corona curfew. The curfew can now be reopened in a phased manner in the state. According to the information received from the sources, after May 31, some restrictions can be relaxed in a phased manner. While the night and weekly curfew may remain. It is expected that from June 1, the government can reopen the markets.


With this, offices can also be reopened with limited staff. This step of the Yogi Government will also provide relief to the people and along with it, there will be strictness. Although the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Central Government has a clear instruction to maintain the strictness till June 30, if there are less cases, then the state government can take a decision on its behalf. However, the government is not in the mood to give complete relaxation yet. . In fact, with the complete relaxation, the corona cases may increase once again. That is why restrictions will still continue. Exemption will be decided with strictness. It is expected that the curfew can be relaxed in a phased manner, while the night curfew may still continue. At the public place, the corona protocol has to be followed continuously.

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