No sign of ending of dispute in Punjab Congress

Punjab, 31/5 (AO Bureau):To end the discord of Punjab Congress, Rahul Gandhi has now come into action. On the first day in Delhi, a central committee consisting of 25 MLAs and state president Sunil Jakhar with 3 members churned in the war room throughout the day. Navjot Singh Sidhu, angry with the Captain on Tuesday and Amarinder Singh, CM of the state will also appear before the committee on Thursday or Friday.

The Congress high command has put all its strength to end the Punjab Congress dispute. In this regard, the committee formed by Sonia Gandhi discussed marathon for about 7 hours on the first day. On the other hand, to solve this crisis, Rahul Gandhi has also taken a front, under which he talked to many MLAs over the phone.

Committee met with 25 MLAs separately

The committee of Mallikarjun Kharge, Harish Rawat, JP Aggarwal met 25 MLAs of Punjab separately in Delhi on Monday. On Tuesday, Navjot Singh can present his point in front of Sidhu committee. On Thursday or Friday, the committee members will meet Captain Amarinder Singh. Most of the MLAs, including state president Sunil Jakhar, said that there is a matter of differences of opinion which will be resolved by dialogue.

Most of the MLAs raised the Gurugranth Sahib inattentive case in front of the committee and demanded immediate action. In this case, Captain Amarinder Singh had blamed Sukhbir Badal, now this case has become the throat of the Captain because even after four and a half years no action was taken on Badal. On this issue, all the Congress leaders including Navjot Singh Sidhu got a chance to surround the Captain.

Meaning, under the guise of disobedience of Guru Granth Sahib, all the leaders including Siddhu and Bajwa inside are demanding the high command to change the CM’s face in the next assembly. However, sources say that there is no threat to the captain’s chair at the moment.
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