Kejriwal government approves home delivery of Liquor

New Delhi,1/6(Ao Bureau)Arvind Kejriwal Government of Delhi, the country’s capital, has now allowed home delivery of liquor. Now there will be home delivery of liquor in Delhi through mobile app and website. Earlier, Chhattisgarh government started the home delivery of alcohol amidst the corona virus epidemic.


Explain that according to the Excise (Amendment) Rules, 2021, L-13 license holders will be allowed to deliver liquor to people’s homes. Apart from this, it has been said in the notification that license holders will be able to deliver liquor at homes only through mobile app or online web portal. Wherein, no home delivery of liquor will be done in hostels, offices and institutions. Home will be Indian liquor and Overseas liquor delivery


According to the notification issued by the Delhi government, home delivery of foreign liquor along with Indian liquor will be allowed in Delhi on order through mobile app or online web portal. Although earlier home delivery of liquor was allowed in Delhi, but when the order was received through email or fax, the licensee could deliver the liquor to the licensee.


Let me tell you that the Supreme Court last year suggested the states to consider home delivery of liquor, because at the time of Corona epidemic there was huge crowd outside the liquor shops due to heavy distortion of social distancing.

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