Pakistan launched Coronavirus vaccine which fails in trials

Islamabad, 2/6(Ao Bureau):A large-scale vaccination campaign is going on around the world to prevent coronavirus infection. Corona vaccine is being administered to people of all ages. Meanwhile, Pakistan has also launched its own corona vaccine. It has been named PakVac Corona Vaccine. Pakistan has launched this corona vaccine, but it has not told how effective the vaccine is? On how many people was it tested? What were the results of the trial?


Pakistan’s National Command and Operation Center chief Asad Umar has launched this vaccine. He said that Pakistan will soon be able to start making the important drug of Kovid 19 as well. He said that this vaccine made in Pakistan has gone through strict trials, quality and investigation. Omar also said that China has come to the fore as a friend of Pakistan during this epidemic. Already a friend, China is with us even during the Corona period. Along with this, Omar has also praised the National Institute of Health for making the vaccine. He said that this will speed up the supply of vaccine.

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