New Developments in Madhya Pradesh honeytrap case

MP,2/6(Ao Bureau): The SIT, which is probing the famous honeytrap case of Madhya Pradesh, will neither be able to get pendrive nor record his statement from former Chief Minister Kamal Nath on Wednesday. Kamal Nath, through his lawyer, has sent an information letter to the SIT regarding his presence. As per the predetermined schedule, Kamal Nath is out of Bhopal. He can come to Bhopal on 7th June. The SIT will go to his bungalow only after Kamal Nath returns to Bhopal from Delhi.

Actually, Kamal Nath had talked about having the pen drive related to Honeytrap with everyone and himself. After this statement, now the SIT has become active. This statement has been included by the SIT in its investigation. To carry forward this investigation, the SIT will take the pen drive mentioned by Kamal Nath in its possession and conduct further investigation. For this, two days ago, Kamal Nath was sent a notice asking him to be present at the bungalow at the appointed time. SIT investigating officer Shashikant Chaurasia had sent a notice to former Chief Minister Kamal Nath two days ago. In this notice, the FIR registered regarding the Honeytrap case has also been mentioned. Also, it has been written in the notice that on May 21, in the online press conference, you said that the CD pen drive of the Honeytrap episode is with you. This online press conference was also broadcast on social media. Your statements regarding pen drives were also published in newspapers. The Investigating Officer has written that the CD pen drive is very important evidence in the investigation of the case registered in the case of Honeytrap in Police Station, Indore. The investigation of this crime can be made more effective by getting this CD pen drive.

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