Government claims, there will be enough vaccine in the country by July, 1 crore vaccination will be done everyday

New Delhi, 1/6 (AO Bureau): India was in the grip of the second wave of Corona, now trying to increase the pace of vaccination program. Meanwhile, Dr. Balaram Bhargava, Chief of ICMR, a leading institution of medical research, has said that by July-August, there will be such a vaccine in the country that one crore people can be vaccinated every day. He has dismissed reports of lack of vaccine.

Bhargava said – We will have enough vaccine doses by mid-July and August. We are absolutely sure that the entire country will be vaccinated by the month of December. He has also said that if the corona restrictions are removed in a sequential manner, then there will not be much increase in the cases.

We have to make vaccination a priority

Bhargava says that we have to keep vaccination on priority. It is necessary to keep following the rules related to corona and the speed of vaccination will have to be increased by 70 percent. The Union Minister also said that the vaccination will be completed by December.

Recently, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar also said that the corona vaccination work will be completed in the country by the month of December. He had said, “The health department had given detailed information about the vaccine last week.” It was told by the department that by December, 216 crore vaccine doses would be available. That is, the complete blueprint for the vaccination of 108 crore people was presented. The department also named the vaccine. Covishield, Covaxin, Novavaccine, Genova and Sputnik-V were mentioned.

The Union Minister had clearly said that the program of vaccination in the country will be completed by the first of December. In fact, earlier Rahul Gandhi had made serious allegations against the Modi government at the Center. He had said- ‘I and many others warned the government about the second wave of Corona. Many times we have also advised the government, but the government made fun of us.

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