Delhi High Court rejects appeal of Juhi Chawla

New Delhi, 4/6(Ao Bureau): Delhi High Court has dismissed Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla’s petition against the 5G technology rollout, along with a fine of Rs 20 lakh on Juhi Chawla. The High Court rejected the plea of ​​Juhi Chawla regarding the evaluation of fees. Court ordered to deposit the difference of fees within a week.


The court held that notice is necessary for making an application under section 81. Hence it is dismissed under section 82. High Court imposed a fine of 20 lakhs on Juhi Chawla. The court said that the petition was filed for publicity. Court has reprimanded Juhi Chawla for sharing the link. The court has asked the Delhi Police to take action after finding the singer during the hearing. The High Court has dismissed Juhi Chawla’s petition and ordered to deposit the court fee. Rejecting his application, he said that the petition was filed for a publicity stunt. Also, by sharing the link of the online hearing, disrupted the hearing, for which Juhi Chawla has also been severely reprimanded. The petitioners should put their arguments in front of the government and the government should consider it

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