Dilip Kumar is on Oxygen support

New Delhi, 7/6 (AO Bureau)Actor Dilip Kumar, who has been admitted to a hospital here after having trouble in breathing, is currently on oxygen support and his condition is stable. From Kumar’s official Twitter handle, his family shared the latest information about his health. Dilip Kumar (98) was admitted to Khar’s Hinduja Hospital (Dilip Kumar Health Update) on Sunday, which is a non-Covid hospital. In the investigation here, Kumar was found to have bilateral pleural effusion (fluid filling in the outer layer of the lung).
According to the latest information released on Kumar’s Twitter handle, “Dilip Saab is on oxygen support, not on ventilator. He is stable. Some test reports are awaited to do pleural aspiration (procedure to remove fluid from the lungs). Chest specialist Dr. Jalil Parkar is looking after Dilip Sahab.” In another post from his Twitter account, the media has been requested to publish and disseminate only verified health information which will be released on his Twitter handle and others. do not trust anyone.

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