Priyanka Gandhi took a dig at Central government

New Delhi,7/6 (AO Bureau): Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Monday accused Modi at the Center and the Yogi government in UP of hiding data related to Corona infection. In the Corona epidemic, by asking many serious questions related to the government’s decisions, arrangements and government figures, through Facebook and Twitter, the Yogi-Modi government has been fiercely attacked. Priyanka said that instead of saving lives of people, these figures were used as a medium of propaganda to save the image of the government and leaders. He posted on Facebook under his series ‘Responsible Who’ to question the government. In this, citing the numbers related to funerals in crematoriums and cemeteries of many districts of UP, it claimed that the data has been hidden in the country’s most populous state.
Congress’s Uttar Pradesh in-charge said, “In the corona epidemic, people had clarified the need for transparency of data from the government. This is necessary because it is known from the data itself. What is the spread of the disease, where is the infection more, which places should be sealed or where testing should be increased. This was not implemented. Who is responsible?” He claimed, “Even today the total number of vaccination figures is being given, not the proportion of the population, and the first and second doses are being added together. This is a juggling of figures. All the data related to the corona virus was kept imprisoned only in government chambers and this was not done despite the demand of making these figures public by writing letters by the scientists

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