Rebel MLAs of BSP will form a new party together, Lalji Verma is our leader: Aslam Raini

UP, 15/6 (AO bureau):The assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh (UP Assembly Elections 2022) are more than 6 months away, but the political turmoil has started among the political parties. The politics of manipulation is visible. Meanwhile, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) rebel MLA Aslam Raini has claimed that the rebel MLAs of BSP will form a new party together. He has met the Speaker of the Assembly in order to form the party. The head of this party will be made by Lalji Verma.
Aslam Raini said that there is an intention to form a new party with the 11 MLAs who rebelled against the BSP. One more MLA is needed to form a party. Soon 12 MLAs will form their party together. During this, he said that we have a complaint not with Mayawati but with Satish Mishra. Satish Mishra misbehaved with Lalji Verma and Ramachal Rajbhar. The party is not being formed due to lack of one MLA. Soon a new party will be formed by adding another MLA.
He said that the leader of our party will remain Lalji Verma and he will decide the name of the party and the working style of the party. On the other hand, on meeting SP chief Akhilesh, Aslam Raini said that today many of our MLAs met Akhilesh Yadav. All the MLAs have praised Akhilesh Yadav. On joining Samajwadi Party, Aslam Raini said that Lalji Verma will be the leader of our party and we will accept whatever he says. If Lalji Verma says jump into the well, then we will also jump into the well.

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