Congress gave final offer to angry Sachin Pilot, now only two options

Kota, 16,6 (AO Bureau): After the political tussle between Pilot vs Gehlot in Rajasthan, Congress has given the final offer to Sachin Pilot. According to sources, the party has offered his supporters to make him general secretary and in-charge of the state, along with three ministers in the Rajasthan cabinet, to persuade the angry pilot. Now the ball is in Sachin’s court. Camping in Delhi for the last 6 days, Pilot returned to Rajasthan without meeting the Congress high command. According to sources, 3 MLAs who support Pilot will get a place in the cabinet and proper representation in the corporation/board. No number can be fixed in corporation and board. Sachin wants 5 to 6 ministerial posts.
The party and Ashok Gehlot argue that 9 ministerial posts are vacant. In this, some of the 6 BSP MLAs and about a dozen independent MLAs have to be made ministers. The party is ready to make Sachin the general secretary in charge of an important state. The party has made it clear that if Sachin agrees, then the cabinet expansion will be done soon. The high command has made it clear that at present, Ashok Gehlot is the number 1 leader of the party in Rajasthan. Sachin is the future of the party, but he has to move forward in coordination with Gehlot.
It is believed that the party does not want to lose Sachin and does not want to annoy Gehlot, that is why it is taking time to balance. Sachin’s strength has reduced compared to last year, so his pressure on the party has also reduced. In fact, Sachin wants half or at least 15 of the nearly 40 vacant posts of corporations and boards in the state, on which neither Ashok Gehlot nor the party is ready. Party sources say that some of his supporters can be accommodated, but no number will be fixed.

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