Huge setback for Twitter India

New Delhi, 16/6(Ao Bureau): Despite repeated warnings from the Government of India, Twitter seems to be overshadowed by its reluctance to follow the new rules issued by the Internet media. The Intermediary (intermediary) status given to this social media company has ended. In such a situation, the police will now be able to interrogate top officials including the Managing Director of the Indian unit of the company and may also face legal action for the ‘illegal or inflammatory’ content shared on this platform. This information has been received from government sources after a case was registered against the social media giant for sharing a viral video.



In fact, in February, the Government of India had issued new rules for Internet media, for which social media platforms were given time till May 25 to comply with the new rule. However, there was only hue and cry on this from Twitter. In such a situation, sources in the Ministry of Electronics and IT said that Twitter has not yet complied with all the provisions of the rules that came into force on May 25. Sources say that the government had given the last warning on June 5, but even after that, if Twitter could not follow the rules, then it is clear that action has started.

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