Would’ve happily made uncle leader of party in Parliament: Chirag Paswan

Patna, 16/6 9AO Bureau)Amidst the ongoing tussle in the Lok Janshakti Party, on Wednesday, Chirag Paswan answered many questions by holding a press conference in Delhi and tried to explain the situation properly. During this, he roared many times and at times he also looked sad. He said that Papa had formed the party with trust and faith, but today trust is breaking. On the uproar going on in the party, Chirag said that JDU’s hand is being felt in this. It has always been the endeavor of JDU to divide and rule.
At the same time, Chirag said that Papa had formed this party with great hard work and faith. I can’t see it like this under any circumstances. He said that I will fight a long battle and whatever happens legally will be done.
Chirag said these five big things in PC
Chirag roared and said that I am the son of a lion, when I can go alone in the assembly elections at that time, today I am with the blessings of my colleagues, office bearers, people of Bihar.
Chirag said sadly during PC that maybe he was not orphaned when Papa had gone, but I became an orphan after leaving with uncle.
Regarding Prince, he said that he had never thought that he would ever do this. I am personally very saddened by Prince doing this. He said that when the allegations were made against the Prince, I myself had spoken to the girl and the Prince. It was only after this that I advised him to go to the police. Prince is like a son not my brother.

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