Dubai eases travel restriction for Indians

New Delhi, 20/6 (AO Bureau);Dubai has eased travel restrictions for its residents coming from many other countries including India. However, it is mandatory for such people to take both doses of the UAE-approved COVID-19 vaccine. According to the news of Gulf News, the Supreme Committee on Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai has announced amendments to Dubai’s travel protocol in respect of passengers coming from South Africa, Nigeria and India. This committee is headed by Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Makhtoum.
Earlier in 2020, the UAE opened its doors to tourists from India and other countries. But after the delta variant of the corona virus was exposed, restrictions were again imposed for Indian travelers. According to the report, the four vaccines that the UAE government has recognized include Sinopharm, Pfizer-Biontech, Sputnik-V and Oxford-AstraZeneca.
Here are the things you need to know before planning your Dubai trip-
1. This exemption is given for Dubai residents in India and other countries.
2. The United Arab Emirates has approved four vaccines. According to the new rules, only those who have got two doses of these four vaccines will be eligible to travel.
3. Only such travelers coming to Dubai from India will need a valid residential visa who have taken both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine validated by UAE.
4. Non-resident travelers from South Africa and Nigeria may be allowed to travel subject to vaccination and RTPCR test

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