Unlock-3 guidelines released in Bihar

Patna, 21/6 (Ao Bureau): Unlock 3 in Bihar will now be applicable from 23 June to 6 July. However, there is a steady decrease in the cases of corona in the state. In view of this, the Nitish government held an important meeting of the Disaster Management Group on Monday to give concession in many restrictions. Many important decisions were taken in the meeting. Along with many exemptions, the period of many restrictions has been extended. CM Nitish has given information about the decisions taken after the meeting by tweeting. CM Nitish said that there is still a need to be vigilant.

Now from June 23 to July 6, government and non-government offices in Bihar will work with 100% attendance. Shops will open till 7 pm. Night curfew will be in force from 9 am to 5 am in the night. Parks and Gardens will open from 6 am to 12 noon.

According to the new guideline, only 50% people of the prescribed capacity will be able to sit in public transport.

All types of educational institutions will remain closed. Schools and colleges, coaching classes will remain closed for now.

– All religious places will remain closed.

All kinds of social, political entertainment, sports, educational events will be banned.

Only 25 people will be able to attend the marriage ceremony. DJ and Baraaj processions will not be allowed. Prior notice of marriage has to be given to the local police station at least three days in advance.

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