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Washington DC, 25/6 (Ao Bureau): As one after another wave of corona virus is wreaking havoc in the world, the debate about knowing the origin of the epidemic is also increasing. Now a US researcher Jesse Bloom has claimed that he has obtained data from 13 cases out of the initial 241 case data of the mysteriously disappeared Wuhan.


Jesse Bloom is a virus expert at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in America. His study has been published in which questions have been raised about deleting the genome sequence data of the initial 241 cases of Wuhan. Bloom has said that the deletion of the genome sequence raises suspicion. It is possible that this has been done to confuse efforts to know the origin of the virus.


How did the data disappear


Through initial genetic sequencing, it can be found out how SARS-Covid-2 reached humans from animals. During his study, Jesse Bloom read a research from March 2020 in which information was given about the initial 241 genetic sequences of China. This data was uploaded in a spreadsheet by scientists from Wuhan University to an online database. This database is called the Sequence Read Archive, which is managed by the National Medicines Library of the US government. But when Jesse Bloom tried to search the data, he got the answer of ‘No Ideum Found’. That is, all the data was disappeared.

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