WHO appeals to the people regarding the delta variant, said – those taking the vaccine should also be careful

New Delhi, 26/6 (AO Bureau):Due to the spread of the delta variant of corona across the world, now the World Health Organization (WHO) has appealed that those who took both doses of the vaccine should not stop wearing masks. The WHO said that social distancing, wearing masks and other safety measures should not be skipped to prevent the spread of the dangerous and more infectious delta variant. WHO official Mariangela Simao said people should not feel safe just because they have taken both doses. They still need to protect themselves from the virus.

According to CNBC, during a press briefing at the WHO headquarters, Simao said, ‘Vaccine alone cannot prevent community transmission. People will have to wear masks continuously, live in well-ventilated places, avoid crowds and keep hands clean. All this is very important even after you have taken both the doses of the vaccine.


The WHO has also said that those vaccinated will have to take care of safety as highly infectious variants like Delta are also spreading in many countries and a large part of the world is yet to be vaccinated. The Delta variant was first found in India. According to the World Health Organization, it has now spread to about 85 countries.

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