Rahul Vaidya to marry Disha Parmar on this date

Mumbai,6/7: Bigg Boss 14′ fame singer Rahul Vaidya had told about two weeks ago that he is going to tie the knot soon. Now it is reported that Rahul is going to marry his girlfriend Disha Parmar on July 16. Only family and close friends will attend this wedding.


Rahul Vaidya told Times of India that ‘Disha and I always wanted that only close people should attend our wedding and get the blessings of all elders. We will get married according to Vedic customs. After this there will also be Gurbani Shabad recitation. On the other hand, Disha Parmar told that ‘According to me, marriage is a bond between two people and their family, in this only people close to them should be called. I always wanted to get married in a simple ceremony and I am happy that it is going to happen’. At this time Disha and Rahul are busy preparing for their wedding.

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