Pakistani cricketer Umar Akmal apologized to his family, fans

Islamabad, 7/7 (AO Bureau): Pakistani cricketer Umar Akmal has apologized to his family, fans and Pakistani people for his nefarious antics. Umar Akmal came in front of the camera and admitted that in 2020 he had made a mistake, due to which his cricket career was damaged. Umar Akmal’s video went viral on social media in which he said that the entire Pakistan has been defamed because of him. Let us tell you that Umar Akmal was banned by the PCB’s Disciplinary Committee. Umar Akmal was found guilty in two separate cases of the Anti-Corruption Code. Akmal was first banned for 3 years but after that his ban was reduced to 18 months. Umar Akmal’s ban will end in August next month.

Umar Akmal said, ’17 months ago today, in 2020, I made such a mistake which harmed me and my career. It was my mistake that some people contacted me and I could not inform the Anti Corruption Unit of PCB in time. Because of which I had to face a ban of 12 months. Even as a cricketer, I could not play cricket and it was very difficult for me to pass this time. I learned a lot during this

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