Facebook India VP’s petition dismissed, Supreme Court said – appear before the panel

New Delhi, 8/7 (AO Bureau):Ajit Mohan, managing director of Facebook India, will have to appear before the Peace and Harmony Committee of the Delhi Legislative Assembly. He was called by the committee to inquire about the Facebook post related to the Delhi riots in February 2020. Ajit Mohan challenged the order of the committee in the Supreme Court and said that he does not want to appear before the committee. The committee cannot compel him to appear as law and order is not within the jurisdiction of Delhi Legislative Assembly. At the same time, he had doubts that the committee might register a criminal case against him.

But today the Supreme Court said in its decision that the Peace and Harmony Committee of the Delhi Legislative Assembly has the right to call anyone for questioning. And they also have the right to ask questions. This matter is not only related to law and order. Such inquiries can be made by the committee to create social harmony. So that the committee can take stock of the situation and reach a better result.

Ajit Mohan got exemption from this
Ajit Mohan of Facebook has the freedom not to answer such questions which come directly under the central government. Like anything related to IT law. In fact, the Delhi Legislative Assembly committee wants to investigate how false and fake news was spread through Facebook. How was it used in the Delhi riots? And what action did Facebook take on this?

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