Lockdown extended In Tamil Nadu

Chennai, 10/7 :The DMK government of Tamil Nadu has extended the ongoing lockdown due to Covid-19 in the state till July 19. However, the state government has increased the exemptions. These exemptions will come into effect from 6 am on Monday. When the guidelines issued on last Friday will end till the lockdown is extended till July 12. Chief Minister MK Stalin has extended the time of closure of shops by issuing new orders. Now the shops will be closed at 9 pm instead of 8 at night.

According to the order issued by the state government, restaurants, tea shops, street vendors as well as food and drink shops and bakeries will now remain open for one hour more i.e. till 9 pm. Here only 50 percent of the people will be exempted from the capacity. Earlier, these shops were allowed to open till 8 pm only. Before that this time was only till 7 pm.

Separate instructions for competitive exams
Along with this, the state government had given permission to conduct competitive examinations strictly following the SOP. The agencies have also been instructed to inform the district administration for the examinations. Also, according to the order of last week, schools, colleges, theatres, bars, swimming pools, swimming pools, zoos, biological parks etc. will remain closed. All social / political / cultural programs will also be banned. Several other relaxations, which were announced last week, will also remain in force.

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The number of new corona virus patients continues to decline in Tamil Nadu. According to a bulletin of the Health Department, a total of 3,039 new cases of Covid infection were reported in Tamil Nadu on Friday, while 69 people died due to corona in the state. With this, the cases of Covid-19 infection in the state so far. has increased to 2,513,098. Earlier on Thursday, a total of 3211 cases of corona virus were reported in Tamil Nadu.

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