7th Pay Commission: Dearness Allowance will increase only in July 2021! PM Narendra Modi can give approval to increase DA

New Delhi, 12/7(AO Bureau):The center can give great news to lakhs of government employees in July 2021. Actually, Dearness Allowance Hike can be increased by 3 percent in the month of July itself. In other words, the employees will get the salary for the month of July along with the DA hike. It is believed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi can soon approve the increased DA. The All India Consumer Price Index (AICPI) is going to come from January 2021 to May 2021. It is expected that keeping this data in mind, the Center can increase the DA by 3 percent from the salary of July 2021 itself.

31 percent dearness allowance will be available in September
The central government had increased the dearness allowance by 4 percent for January 2020. Then in the same year there was a further increase of 3 per cent. After this, DA was increased by 4 per cent in January 2021. However, the employees were getting DA at the old rate of 17 per cent. The increased DA was stopped due to the Corona crisis. It is believed that the government can announce DA for June 2021 in July. Now after the data of All India Consumer Price Index, the center can increase the DA by 3 percent. Central employees can get 31 percent DA in the salary of September 2021.

Center had banned DA and DR
The National Council of Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM) is an organization of central government employees. Central employees are yet to get three installments of DA. The government had frozen the DA due to the Corona crisis. Along with this, the installments of Dearness Relief (DR) of ex-employees were also not paid. DA and DR of employees and pensioners of 1 January 2020, 1 July 2020 and 1 January 2021 are pending. The DA to central employees and pensioners on 1 January 2020, 1 July 2020 and 1 January 2021 was stopped. Central employees currently get 17 per cent DA. The Finance Ministry had agreed to stop the increase in Dearness Allowance (DA) for more than 50 lakh central employees and 61 lakh pensioners till June 2021.
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