Now you can carry oxygen in your pocket

New Delhi, 14/7: The second wave of the corona virus epidemic wreaked havoc in India. During this wave, many people died due to lack of oxygen. There was an outcry about oxygen everywhere. Corona virus has not gone from our midst yet. People are still being advised to carry masks and sanitizers with them. At the same time, along with the sanitizer, you will also be able to carry oxygen in your pocket. Yes, such a technology has been invented by which you will be able to take a bottle of oxygen with you. Let’s know about it.

so is the price
Actually, IIT Kanpur alumnus and Dr. Sandeep Patil of E-Spin Nanotech Pvt Ltd has created a bottle named Oxyrise, in which 10 liters of oxygen gas can be stored. Its specialty is that if someone’s health deteriorates, he can be taken to the hospital by giving a few shots of oxygen through this bottle. The price of this very useful oxygen bottle has been fixed at just Rs 499. You can buy it online.

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