Now mRNA vaccine like Pfizer-Moderna will be made in India too, Gennova vaccine shown to be more effective against Corona

New Delhi, 14/7 (AO Bureau): The most effective against Coronavirus so far has been the vaccine prepared on the mRNA platform. America’s Pfizer and Moderna Company campaigned for its vaccination against Kovid-19 in developed countries, although this method was used for the first time for public use. Now India has proved itself in this matter as well and has moved towards making domestic mRNA vaccine.

Pune’s Genoval Pharmaceutical says that it is ready for Phase-1 trials. Right now the vaccine is going through the process of development, so it is too early to say anything, but still this step of India can prove to be better for other developing countries and for India.

What is Genova Vaccine?
This vaccine named HGC019 has been made jointly by Genoa and HDT Biotech Corporation of America. The company says that they started work on this vaccine only when the V2 genome for SARS was first published in January 2020. The vaccine has been tested for safety, immunogenicity, antibody activation, neutralization in mice and nonhuman primate models.

For the first phase trial, 120 healthy people aged 18-70 years have also been studied. This clinical trial has been done under the Clinical Trials Registry of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). According to the New York Times, permission has been given for the phase trial and in the phase 2 trial, about 500 healthy people aged 18-75 will be studied.

What is mRNA Vaccine?
This vaccine falls under the category of nucleic acid vaccine. In this, genetic material from disease-causing virus or pathogen is used. So that the immune response can be activated against the virus inside the body. All vaccines are inserted into the body so that it can identify the cause causing the infection and antibodies can be produced on any such virus attack in future.

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