Increased concern: Now corona infected are getting negative in RT-PCR test, know the whole matter

New Delhi, 15/7:There is a steady decline in the cases of Coronavirus in the country. Some experts are calling it news of relief, while some believe that the third wave of corona has started in India. At the same time, now such a news has come out which has surprised everyone. Many such cases have been seen in Bengaluru where despite the person being infected, his RT-PCR report has been given negative. So far eight such cases have been reported in Bangalore. All these eight patients had symptoms of Kovid-19 and their condition was about to be admitted to the hospital. The infection was confirmed in these people after CT scan was done. At the same time, two of these patients also died.

Dr. CN Manjunath, a member of Karnataka’s Kovid-19 Task Force, told the Times of India in a conversation in this regard that these could be among the cases that came in a group. He said that those who are found negative in the RT-PCR test but have symptomatic symptoms are treated like Kovid patients after the CT scan report. There are 5-8 percent such cases in the state. Sometimes doing the RT-PCR test again can also be beneficial.

Doctors believe that the wrong RT-PCR report can mislead patients as they rely heavily on it to detect COVID-19 infection.

Test kit quality also plays an important role
Talking to Times of India, Dr. Raghu, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease Specialist at Sakra World said that RT-PCR report has been seen negative in about 10-15 percent of the cases. Also, regarding the quality of the RT-PCR test kit for this, he said that the quality of the test kit becomes very important for the results. Dr. Raghu said that in such a situation, people who are found negative in the test are advised to get CT scan done.

Doctors also believe that for this the time of taking samples of the infected person also becomes very important. Doctors believe that such a situation can arise even if a person’s swab is taken nine days after infection or if they are not examined for a long time after taking the sample.

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