Indian journalist killed in Afghanistan

New Delhi,16/7: Idian journalist Danish Siddiqui has been murdered in Afghanistan. Danish used to work for the news agency Reuters. For a few days, he was covering the current situation in Kandahar. According to Reuters news, on Friday, Danish was covering a war between Taliban fighters and the Afghan army. During this time he was murdered.

Afghanistan’s Ambassador Fareed Mamude has given this information on his Twitter handle on Friday. No information has been revealed about who committed the murder and what was the reason for it.

On July 13, information about the mission was given on Twitter.
When the Special Forces of Afghanistan were on a rescue mission, Danish was present with them. Danish made a post on his Twitter handle on July 13. In this, he told that he is with the Afghan Special Forces fighting on many fronts throughout Afghanistan. He wrote- ‘I am with these youths on a mission. Today these forces were on rescue mission in Kandahar. Earlier these people were on a combat mission all night.
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